Complete Engineering Solutions for Embedded Real Time Systems

Embedded Real Time Systems

eSystem Labs specializes in creating real-time hardware and software solutions for robotics and control systems. We are experienced in creating secure, innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, including aviation, health care, military and energy services.

Complete Systems Engineering

We handle the complete agile development from project analysis and assessment of hardware and software requirements, through the actual design of integrated systems, programming and development across a wide range of operating programs, testing, deployment, and troubleshooting.

Standards Compliant Solutions

eSystem Labs has completed software projects that required strict compliance with FAA and FDA regulations. During the early phase of development, eSystem Labs will work with your engineering and compliance teams to insure that the planned development executes with full compliance.

Hidden Costs... Future Benefits

The success of an engineering project is in the details. A good project plan can reduce development costs, but what about the hidden costs in the future? Aerial Robotics lays the foundations that reduce costs in the short term while protecting the project for future features and capability.

Project Planning & Analysis

Do you have an idea that you know would move your company forward but you just don’t have the capacity to execute it? Either you don’t have enough time, or it’s too costly or there are too many people involved. We are your bridge from your ideas to results.

Streamlined Development

Aerial Robotics will take your project from conception, to execution, and to results. Concerned with ramping up with qualified developers? We can get it done with far fewer than you might think. We will maximize your timeline, budget, and team members, despite heavy deadline pressures, budget restrictions, and demanding clients. We bring it all together.

Future Proof Your Project

With our deep understanding of the interaction between people, software, mechanics, electronics, and business, we can provide you with the agility you need to keep ahead of the curve and future proof your project. Our holistic, global approach considers the costs in the future as well as in the short term, protecting your project from hidden costs.


Aerial Robotics is proud to offer the following services:

  • Systems Engineering and Project Management
  • Embedded and Real-time software
  • BSP Development
  • FAA and FDA Regulatory Compliant Software Development
  • Custom hardware requirements definition and hardware design
  • Software requirements gathering and software design
  • Hardware and Software implementation
  • Effective Software verification and testing and subsystems integration
  • Hardware development using a variety of tools and real-time operating systems, including: QNX, Integrity, and VxWorks
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics using a wide variety of processers and development tools
  • Multi-threaded embedded software, application, and low-level device driver development using a combination of assembly language, C, and C++

Client Testimonials

Kevin Stallard is one of the best embedded systems professionals I've worked with over the last 20 years. He's the real deal ... real-time OS architect, efficient modular software design, low-level/hardware drivers, whatever's needed to get the job done. Dedicated to delivering functionality on budg

By: John P. Murphy, CEO Virtual Incision Corp

I've been working closely with Kevin for the last year on a complex surgical robotic system that he has been Consulting for through his company Aerial Robotics. The general fear with using outside consultants is that they might not treat a project as their own; with Kevin this is most definitely

By: Sabrina Varanelli, Honeybee Robotics/Virtual Incision Corporation

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